Our Short Term Artist Residency (S.T.A.R.) is a self-structured residency program for artists anywhere in the United States to live, make work, and explore in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for up to three weeks. We provide lodging and select opportunities for lecture/workshop/exhibition depending on available local resources and the applicant's interest.

There is no fee to apply, however residency fees apply once accepted and may change depending on the length of the residency. Artists will be responsible for travel, food, materials & supplies, special tools, and most meals.


Application Instructions:

Applications are open & rolling. there are no DEADLINES; APPLY ANYTIME. 

Application for the Short Term Artist Residency (STAR) program.


Step one: Check the calendar below to make sure the dates you want to be in residence are available; then, click on "Apply" and you will be prompted to fill out the application form†. We recommend preparing your answers offline in your text-editor of choice, then copying and pasting into the application, so as to avoid timeouts and the potential loss of your answers.

Step two: Email Info@ArcResidency.org your CV/Resume and 10 portfolio items for review, including title, year, medium and physical dimensions (Images should be no larger than 5mb each, and videos should be no longer than 10min). In addition to the portfolio of 10 images*, please include any sketches, models, drawings or any other materials to support your Project Statement and/or Statement of Intent.

There is a FAQ section below with questions and answers specific to the S.T.A.R. program.

* If your work is time based or has video documentation, you may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Put this link in the list of title, year, etc.

† Your answers will never be associated with your name or any other identifying information in our reporting.


Available Dates


Search the below calendar to ensure the dates you want are available. BOOKED S.T.A.R. residencies will appear in the calendar as they are scheduled.


S.T.A.R. Program FAQ




The lodging for the residency is home to 2 lovely cats--unfortunately we do not have a pet-free lodging option available at this time.


We accept STAR applicants on a first-come-first-serve basis. We do require a $50 confirmation deposit that goes towards your total upon acceptance; this secures your time here and acts as a commitment to the program.


The S.T.A.R. program is open to creative residents of the United States living outside the greater Chattanooga area working in any medium.

How do I Apply?

1. Fill out the Application form at the top of this page

2. Email your 10 images/video links and their info to Info@ArcResidency.org.
More info at the top of this page.


There is no application fee, however residency fees apply once accepted. We do ask for a small confirmation payment ($50) upon acceptance. This is to confirm and secure your dates at the residency. Residency Fees are as follows:
  • 3-7 Days - $35.71 per day ($250/week)
  • 8-14 Days - $28.57 per day ($200/week)
  • 15-21 Days - $21.42 per day ($150/week)

when will i be notified?

Please allow at least one week from the submission of your application for notification. Due to the nature of the rolling deadline, scheduling may need to shift. We will notify all applicants of our decision or if there are any conflicts in the requested dates.

what does ARC provide?

Our S.T.A.R. resident artists receive the following at no cost:

  • Dedicated time & Space to research & work

  • Lodging (private room)

  • Limited facilities (depends on tool/studio needs)

  • Select opportunities such as studio visits & networking with community, pop-up exhibitions, artist talk, etc. based on what the artist wants from the residency

what does ARC NOT provide?

  • Most Supplies/Materials/Special Tools

  • Food/Travel/Living costs

When do I move in?

The S.T.A.R. program allows artists to choose their own dates for the residency period; Accepted artists should plan to arrive on the first date they requested. 

Can my Spouse/children join me?

No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate families at this time.

Are there project restrictions or artist expectations?

No: This studio residency is designed to give the artist time to focus: whether that’s the creation of new work; experimentation with new materials or ideas; or the opportunity to visit a new place and meet new people to refresh and revitalize the studio practice. We don't have any program requirements of S.T.A.R. residents (such as a workshop or lecture). 

What should I bring?

  • Art supplies – any special materials or tools that are integral to your practice or objectives. There are some art supply stores in the downtown area, as well as Ace. Hobby Lobby, Lowe's and Home Depot are further away. Materials can also be shipped to the residency. Depending on the artists needs we may be able to supply some materials and general tools.

  • Medicine or dietary food – if you have medical or special dietary needs, please bring these things with you as the grocery store may not have them. We do have Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and Publix (no Trader Joe's though).

  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes – we'll help you figure this part out as we do get 4 full seasons – sometimes in the same week!

  • Season-appropriate Outdoor Gear - Feel free to bring your bike, SUPboard, climbing shoes, and sweatbands. Chattanooga boasts several outdoor activities in and around the Tennessee River, Signal Mountain, and Lookout Mountain. More information can be found at the Chattanooga Visitor's Bureau.

what should i not bring?

Pets, your TV, toxic materials, anything illegal…

how do i get around Chattanooga, TN?

Unless you are driving or renting a car, there is limited in-town transportation. Lodging is 0.5 miles from bus route 28 (bus stop is at the Police Dept.) There is UBER in town; fares are generally $10-20 depending on distance. We have a bike available, and are just a half mile from the Chattanooga Riverwalk and about 5 miles to the heart of downtown.

how many artists are in residence at one time?

Depending on the dates there may be two (2) artists in residence at any given time. We can only accommodate one (1) S.T.A.R. resident during the scheduled times of our Featured Artist Residency.

Will i sell work at this residency?

As this is a studio-focused program, without a guaranteed exhibition, there are no planned opportunities to sell work. 

How do i get my work back home?

The artist is responsible for packing, shipping, or otherwise transporting work from Chattanooga to home, work, another gallery, or other destination.